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Wood Flooring

Your home is a special place to relax and enjoy the special moments in your life. You want it to feel warm and comfortable. Nothing adds to the warmth and beauty of your home like natural hardwood flooring.

At Joe's Carpet & Flooring we offer an extensive selection of hardwood floors, which provides a large variety of styling, design, and finishes to meet your lifestyle needs.

Engineered hardwood flooring is preferred in Florida due to the moisture & climate and it is available in a wide selection at Joe's Carpet & Flooring.


Hardwood can offer simple cleaning and maintenance over other types of flooring, has a long life, and can withstand high traffic flows. There are two basic elements, other than price, to consider when buying a wood floor, Aesthetics and Performance.

All our floors are pre-finished and are easy to maintain, NO WAXING.

The decision to buy wood flooring versus any other flooring is purely a choice of aesthetics. No other product can compare to the natural beauty of wood. If cared for properly, a wood floor will give you a lifetime satisfaction.

The natural variations of color and shading in wood are the heart of its beauty. You can even emphasize the woods loveliness, by creating borders or by selecting a wood tile with pattern insets.

Whether you select a wood floor with rustic charm, or a floor with a cleaner, more sophisticated look, you have created a floor that expresses your lifestyle. The benefits of a handscraped texture versus a high gloss are that scratches are less noticable and it is less slippery.

From the warmth of a parquet wood tile entry, to the inspiration of a wood plank study, you can create the right mood for your living environment by selecting from the many styles available.

Hardwood flooring has a natural durability. Performance is based on Kiln Drying, Precision Milling, and Finish.

Kiln Drying: 
Hardwood should be dried in a controlled environment for consistency and strength.

Precision Milling
Insures tight uniform between boards.

The finish of a hardwood floor determines how long the floor will retain its original good looks. Finishes provided by the manufacturer are performed in a controlled environment, and are superior to job site finishes.


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