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At Joe's Carpet & Flooring we carry many brands of Carpet. All are of the highest quality, American made and backed by the best warranties we could find. In our carpet showrooms in Crystal River and Inverness Florida, you will find trusted names like Stainmaster, Beaulieu, Mohawk, and Shaw.

All of our prices include tax, installation, carpet pad, removal of old carpet and moving of furniture. Joe's Carpet & Flooring installation comes with 7 / 16" thick, 6 lbs. pad. Pad upgrades are available.

Mohawk is an outstanding carpet manufacturer, now offering one of the most durable and stain resistant carpets ever manufactured. SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer is a Stain Proof carpet with built in protection that will never wash or wear away.

The Dallas Zoo will be hosting another chapter in the “SmartStrand Zoo Challenge”.
Last year Mohawk covered the floor of a zoo enclosure with SmartStrand and then let a messy Black Rhinoceros and three camels go about their business trudging across the carpet, creating the most unbelievable mess you can imagine. Everyone including the zoo keepers and the spectators thought the carpet was destroyed. Click to watch the SmartStrand Zoo Challenge Video to see what happened.

And stay tuned because next Mohawk will have an even bigger carpet demonstration: they are now letting SIX African elephants (the world’s largest land mammal!) take on SmartStrand: Pitting Mohawk SmartStrand carpet against 45,000 pounds of African Elephants is the equivalent to enduring a household of 650 ten-year-old kids. We’ll monitor them as they go to and from their living quarters, trudging across the carpet and see if SmartStrand can handle the unbelievable abuse- a firsthand look at how SmartStrand will stand up to your wildlife at home.

Largest Carpet Selection in Citrus County

Before you choose a particular carpet, you will want to consider a few factors such as, color, style, and textures.

There are several different carpet styles and textures, cut pile, loop pile, and cut and loop pile. Each with its own distinct look and each can achieve beautiful results. We suggest that you get a general idea of each of the carpet styles, which will give you a little better idea of what the styles look like. We at Joe's Carpet & Flooring will be glad to review these styles with you.

Color was probably the first thing that came to mind when you thought of purchasing new carpet. When choosing the color, you will want to consider what type of traffic will be in each room. Will you have children, grandchildren, pets, etc. that will run and play in that room? Or will the room be a place for relaxing with low traffic?

Dark, rich colors have a tendency to make a room feel warm and cozy, however, dark colors are inclined to make a room look smaller. Burgundy and hunter green are warm colors that work very well to make a room comfortable. Pastels and lighter color tints work very well to enlarge the space in a room. These colors will set a restful and soothing mood to your room.

They are ideal for achieving a formal and orderly look. Carpet texture sets the characteristics of a home or room. Cut pile such as velvet Saxony will provide a formal look, where as the look of berber will provide a more casual look. A heavy textured carpet will assist in hiding footprints. The texture of carpet allows you to express your personality.

A level-cut pile but with generally higher pile heights. Appropriate for informal room schemes.   

Curled or twisted tufts make for a textured surface that helps mask footprints. Especially suitable for less formal decors.

Yarns are tufted into large islands of high cut tufts and lower loop tufts to form a sculptured pattern. Suits more informal settings. 

Berber - Non-Pattern.  
A simple loop pile with tufts of equal height. Durable construction makes it appropriate for high traffic areas and informal rooms. Larger loops characterize the Berber style. 

Berber - Patterned.
A loop pile carpet with two or three levels of tufts forming a random sculptured surface, typically a Berber style. Broad application including informal schemes.

A type of textured carpet with highly twisted tufts that curl at the pile surface. Especially suitable for higher traffic areas. 

Fiber Type

  • Nylon-most popular
  • Polyester-stain and fade resistant
  • Polypropylene-excellent stain and fade resistant
  • Wool-natural fiber

Face Weight

  • The number of ounces of fiber per square yard.
  • Directly related to performance and durability


  • Number of times the fiber is twisted together in a 1-inch length
  • Critical to carpet performance


  • How tightly the fiber is woven into the carpet backing
  • Higher density affects the look of the carpet
  • Improves resistance to crushing and matting


  • Adds comfort and improves durability


  • Vacuum regularly
  • Professional cleaning every 12 to 24 months
  • Will improve the original look and performance

Minimum Performance Popular Weight Heaviest Weight

Budget Product Improved Performance for Medium to Heavy Use Best Performance for Medium to Heavy Use

  Versatile Styles Elegant and Unique styles


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